JavaScript Full Stack Developer

From Himachal Pradesh (Dharamshala) ,India

I am a professional Mobile and web developer with hands-on experience in HTML5, CSS3, Angular, NodeJS, React, React Native, Ionic I have been working with Mobile App development over the past 7 years. I am truly passionate about this wonderful library and Frameworks. Mobile, Web and Desktop App development is my thing and if you need any help regarding Mobile, Web and Desktop App, feel free to contact me through stack over overflow anytime.

What i do

Full knowledge of iOS and Android Development Concept, Libraries, SDKs and programming patterns. Skills and Experience: - RESTful APIs consumption and JSON parsing - Custom UI views - Custom animation - Built to work well on multiple Android devices (Different screen sizes) - AppStore release and tips on how to prevent the app to be rejected - Social networks API (Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc), use Android SDK (Camera, Phone, Contacts, Messaging, Power, Storage, Notifications, Web browser, Sockets)

TypeScript,JavaScript(ES)NodeJS,WebRTCElectronJSReactJS,Angular,AngularJSReact Native,Ionic,CapcitorHTML & CSSMongoDB,Redis,Firebasenpm,webpackAWS,Digital Ocen,DokcerVS Code,Xcode,Android StudioRaspberry Pi(IOT),AI,AR