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Effective Request Cancellation with Axios in JavaScript

February 19, 2024

Request cancellation is an essential feature in web development, especially when dealing with asynchronous operations like API calls. In JavaScript, Axios provides a convenient way to handle request cancellation using CancelTokens. This document explores how to effectively implement request cancellation with Axios in JavaScript applications.

Automating App Updates in React Native with Fastlane and Remote Config

November 21, 2023

Keeping your mobile app up-to-date is crucial for delivering new features, improvements, and bug fixes to users. In this guide, we'll explore how to streamline the app update process using Fastlane and Remote Config in a React Native application. By the end, you'll have a robust solution for managing updates on both Android and iOS platforms.

How to renew distribution certificate for iOS

July 18, 2022

Your live apps will not be taken down. Nothing will happen to anything that is live in the app store. Once they formally expire, the only thing that will be impacted is your ability to sign code (and thus make new builds and provide updates).

React Native Libraries You must know

June 15, 2022

As React Native developers, I think we are all familiar with those essential libraries from react-native-community, as well as other ground-breaking ones like React Navigation and Reanimated.

React Native Switching between different Wi-Fi network and NetInfo (Null SSID bug fixed)

March 02, 2022

The SCNetworkReachability API used in iOS does not send events to the app in the background, so switching from one Wi-Fi network to another when your App was in background will not send an event and your network state will be out of sync with device state. To be sure you have up to date status when your app is in foreground again, you should re-fetch state each time when App comes to foreground, something like this:

How to do mobile performance testing using JMeter?

June 30, 2021

What comes to our mind for the very first time when we hear about JMeter? Is it Performance Testing? Or Web App Load Testing? Well, most of us are unaware that JMeter can also be used for performance testing of Android/iOS apps. It’s quite similar to recording scripts like in case of web apps, all we have to do is to configure a proper proxy on mobile devices.

React Native Date Picker with Custom Modal

March 06, 2021

React Native Community has a date and time picker for Android and iOS. This component replaces and merges the now deprecated DatePickerIOS, TimePickerAndroid and DatePickerAndroid.

[Solved] ‘event2/event-config.h’ file not found in React-Native

February 12, 2021

Hello Guys, How are you all? Hope You all Are Fine. I was trying to build for iOS in react-native, But Unfortunately, build failed cause of this error. ‘event2/event-config.h’ file not found in React-Native. So Here I am Explain to you all possible solution Here.

React Native Integrate Payment Gateway with Razorpay

December 15, 2020

You can start accepting payments from customers on your app built using React Native, by integrating with Razorpay React Native Standard SDK. The React Native Standard SDK acts as a wrapper around the Razorpay Standard SDK to build a dynamic and responsive Checkout interface for your iOS or Android application. Learn how to link the SDK with your React Native project and integrate with Razorpay Checkout.

React Native form validations with Formik and Yup

October 27, 2020

Every time you start a react native project you probably will go for the mainstream command react-native init, add a few libs you're used to work with, set up eslint prettier and every dev lib that makes your day smoother.

Video player with controllers and fullscreen using React Native

August 25, 2020

In this tutorial, I will use React-Native to create a video player component with controllers for changing scene of video using a progress bar. You can access the complete code from https://github.com/react-native-community/react-native-video

How to Build an Music Player in React Native

August 17, 2020

Learning React Native development revolves around some common interface patterns that you should practice. One common UI built-in mobile application is an audio player. In this tutorial, you are going to build a functioning interface for an Music player with common functionalities like Load the audio file; Play/pause the audio file; Navigate to next track; Navigate to the previous track.

Writing a native module for React Native using Kotlin

July 29, 2020

React Native, despite being one of the most preferred cross-platform in mobile development, has its limitations too. There may be some features that are not implemented yet in React Native or some device-specific features that are not supported by this development platform. So we can use native modules to fill the gap.

Create Todo with React Native Redux and Custom Header

July 28, 2020

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. It helps you write applications that behave consistently, run in different environments (client, server, and native), and are easy to test. On top of that, it provides a great developer experience

Install Ejabberd XMPP Server on Ubuntu 20.04

July 14, 2020

Ejabberd is an open source XMPP server designed for speed and efficiency. This tool has been built from the ground-up with fault-tolerance, easy configurations, and scalability. Scaling up is a matter of adding extra Virtual Machines to the cluster. Ejabberd has support for authenticating modules such as Mnesia, SQL, LDAP or through the use of external scripts. This article will walk you through the steps you’ll need to install Ejabberd XMPP Server on Ubuntu 20.04.

How to secure your Nginx website with SSL using Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 18.04

July 12, 2020

Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate Authority (CA) that provides an easy way to obtain and install free TLS/SSL certificates for enabling encrypted HTTPS on web servers. It simplifies the process by providing a software client, Certbot, that attempts to automate most of the required steps for both Apache and Nginx.

Build a simple chat app with node.js and socket.io

July 11, 2020

To develop a real chat application, we have to put in place a real-time system of sending/receiving data. It will be impossible to do it with a relational database and Ajax calls. Thank’s to WebSocket and the library socket.io, it becomes easy.

Google Login in React Native (iOS) apps with Firebase

April 26, 2020

In this post, we’ll learn how to setup Google Login in React Native apps using Firebase. We’ll implement the authentication using react-native-google-signin npm package, and then test it on IOS.

What is setTimeout in JavaScript

February 14, 2020

setTimeout() is a function which executes another function or specified piece of code after waiting for the specified time delay in milliseconds.

How To Use SQLite With Node JS (JavaScript,ES)

February 13, 2020

how to use SQLite in combination with JavaScript inside the Node.js environment with the help of the sqlite3 Node.js driver. For those not familiar with SQLite, it is a simple single file relational database that is very popular among smart devices, embedded systems, and even small web application.

What is Promise in JavaScript (ES)

February 13, 2020

A promise in Javascript is an object which represent the eventual completion or failure of an asynchronous operation. Promises represent a proxy for a value which are getting in some point in the future.