Types of Provisioning Profiles for iOS development

July 21, 2022

All Types of Provisioning Profiles explained in summary

Types of Provisioning Profiles for iOS development

Provisioning Profile simple definition/use
Provisioning profiles are used to authorizes a set of known iOS devices to run and install a given iOS app. If a target device have a profile installed matching it’s own device Unique Device ID (UDID) and that of the app it is about to install then the device will be able to install the app otherwise the device won’t be able to install the app.

Types Provisioning profiles and their use
There are 4 types: -
1. Development:- Used in development phase of the app to run the app on simulator and developer devices. (If a developer device is not in this list the in-development app can not be installed).

2. Ad Hoc: -Is provided to distribute the app to a known finite set of iOS devices outside the AppStore. These are very commonly used to distribute an app to testers via a third part testing service.

3 Enterprise:-Enable large enterprises to distribute inhouse applications to enterprise approved devices in a manner which is independent of the AppStore.

4 App Store:-Used for AppStore or for TestFlight.

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